Encore Group Northwest LLC DBA: Encore Group

Critical path method scheduling, scheduling platform software training and support, delay management and forensic analysis. AGC member since 2018.
Phone: (800) 991-7029
Street Address
12400 SE 38th St., Ste. 50564
Bellevue, WA  98006
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 50564
Bellevue, WA  98015

FTI Consulting

Professional advisory services to the construction industry. AGC member since 2019.
Phone: (206) 373-6500
1111 - 3rd Ave., 12th Floor
Seattle, WA  98101

Global Construction Services, Inc.

Claims consultant, project scheduling, construction management, expert witness. AGC member since 1990.
Phone: (425) 681-1868
Fax: (425) 952-1091
8151 - 164th Ave. NE, PMB 432
Redmond, WA  98052


Hainline provinces consulting services to the construction industry. Our specialties are construction management, scheduling, project delivery advisement, forensic analysis of schedule and cost, constructability review, and extension of staff. AGC member since 2019.

Phone: (206) 382-9263
Mailing Address
1215 Fouth Ave., Ste. 1200
Seattle, WA  98161